Cheek (Midface) Lift

The area between your lower eyelids and your mouth is considered the midface. As you age, the effects of gravity, repeated muscle contraction, lifestyle and genetics cause the skin, fat, and muscle in this region begin to move downwards. This causes the cheeks to look saggy or flat, the lower eyelids become puffy or hollow, circles begin to appear under the eyes, and the lines between the nose and the corner of the mouth deepen.

patient before Endotine Midface procedure with flat cheek patient after Endotine Midface procedure with youthful cheek

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Endotine Midface Implant

Endotine Midface Implant with Five Tines

An Endotine midface lift uses an Endotine Midface implant, which gives surgeons the ability to easily restore sagging cheek volume to its more youthful position. The implant is smaller than a dime and has five small tissue holders, or tines, to grasp the cheek tissue and elevate it to a new position.

The Endotine implant can reduce the skin irregularities and dimpling that commonly occur when sutures are used to hold tissue in place.

The midface lift is frequently performed with other surgeries, such as a lower face lift, eyelid surgery, or a brow lift. However, for patients under 45 years old, midface rejuvenation is often a stand-alone procedure.

Midface lift surgery is often performed in office-based surgical suites and can be done with general anesthesia or with local anesthesia and sedation.

During a midface lift, the surgeon makes as few as two small incisions in the area above the ear or the lower eyelid, and in some cases, through the underside of the upper lip. Once midface tissues are lifted off the cheekbones, the Endotine implant is then inserted underneath to grasp and hold the cheek’s soft tissue as it is lifted upward (toward the eye) and to the side (toward the ear), into a more youthful position.

illustration of Endotine Midface implant pulls and lifts cheek tissue and is placed from middle of cheek towards top of ear

Are you a qualifying candidate?

The best way to determine if an Endotine midface lift is right for you is by a thorough consultation with your plastic surgeon.

Locate a surgeon in your area who is certified in the use of Endotine procedures.

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