Neck (Ribbon) Lift

The Endotine Ribbon Lift procedure is for the lower-face, including neck and jowl rejuvenation. It features the Endotine Ribbon implant that holds the tissues of the neck and jowl in a more elevated, youthful position.

patient before Endotine Ribbon procedure neck is sagging patient after Endotine Ribbon procedure neck is lifted

Results and patient experience may vary.

Endotine Ribbon Implant

The Endotine Ribbon Lift is a procedure based on input from plastic surgeons experienced in neck and jowl rejuvenation that uses the Endotine Ribbon implant.

Endotine Ribbon Implant with Multiple Tines

The Endotine Ribbon is comprised of a thin, flexible material with multiple tissue-holding points that allow your surgeon to secure your neck or jowl profile in just the right position. Then, as the repositioned tissue binds fully to its new surrounding tissues, the device is naturally absorbed and your profile remains in the improved position.

For an endoscopic (minimally invasive) Ribbon Lift, your surgeon will typically make a small, usually undetectable incision in the hairline or behind the ear.

In a conventional (open) Ribbon Lift of the lower-face, the surgeon will perform your procedure with incisions usually beginning above the hairline near the temples, extending in a natural line across the front of the ear and then behind the earlobe.

illustration of locations for Endotine Ribbon implant in neck and jowl

Are you a qualifying candidate?

The best way to determine if an Endotine midface lift is right for you is by a thorough consultation with your plastic surgeon.

Locate a surgeon in your area who is certified in the use of Endotine procedures.

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